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How the Server Handles Password Protected Areas.

  The password is set on the server. Since the server cannot anticipate which "Members Only” page the user wishes to view first, it will always direct the user to a password required page. When a user selects a “Members Only” page to view, the server will first direct the user to a page which requires a password. If a valid password is entered, the server will re-direct the user to the desired page.

It is NOT, however, necessary to re-enter the password if user has already entered the password protected area to view a different page.

When the user gained access to the first password protected page, the server started a session timer. The user can select another password protected page and simply hit the SUBMIT button rather than entering the password again. The current session remains open until one of two  following conditions is satisfied.

1. There is no activity on the browser for a specified amount of time. (User leaves the computer or doesn't do anything for a period of time.)

2. The user ends the session by closing the browser.