Pressure washing will begin on Wednesday August 22 starting at the beginning of Sea Oats and ending at 2979 Sea Oats. Thursday August 23, the remainder of Sea Oats will be done and all Odd numbered residences of Oceans Trace. Friday August 24, All even numbers on Oceans Trace will be completed. Please have your cars off your driveways at this time as well as out of guest Parking. The walkways will also be done and if you would like your patio inside your gate, or your back patio done, this will be 25.00 for both, paid by the homeowner to the pressure washing company. If you choose to have your patios done please leave your front gate open and he will know you would like it done. Please remember if your cars are not removed they will only be able to wash Around them. Any questions please contact our CAM Aaron Reid at South Atlantic Communities 386-301-4926.

Thanks for your consideration.